Production – Recording – Mixing

We have been the South Coasts premier recording studio since 1980.
With a range of packages to suit all budgets, our engineers can bring the best out in you and your songs.

Podcasts + Webisodes

Do you want to create podcasts for your business and clients?

We can film your webisodes in Studio C for YouTube
We can also create audio podcasts for your streaming services.

Video Production

We can shoot your video clip in Studio C or on location.
If you’re after a lyric video for your latest release, we can create that for you too.

Click here for more information and our Showreel

Voice Overs

Studio B is available for voice over recording, on-hold recording, or any other vocal performance.

Studio B rates are $44 an hour.


We can create timed edits for dance performances, concerts, body building routines etc.

Edits are charged at $44 an hour.


We can master your tracks through a hybrid of digital and analogue signal path.

$55 per song

Stem Mixing

Stem Mixing and Mastering is for artists and producers that have fully or partially mixed songs.

Stem Mixing allows us to do most of what we do during mix stage – fat low end, punchy drums, upfront vocals, while retaining the character of your mix.

A Stem is a single audio file of combined similar tracks.
For example, a guitar stem would have all rhythm parts combined into one track, with all your panning, levels and effects automation enabled.

Stem Mixing enables the creative choices to be made by your mix engineer while we take care of any technical issues.

Stem mastering is available from $120 per song. Contact us to discuss your project.


Want a wall of guitars but can’t crank them at home?
Want a wide range of tones but have limited amps?
We can reamp your DI guitars through our range of amps.
Send us a reference track of the tones you want, we will select the amp and mic set up to suit.
We can also reamp with our range of pedals, so if there is a tone you are after, you can be as specific as you want.

Contact us for a quote on reamping.

Online Mixing – SSL Console

Want to add vintage analogue fatness to home recordings?
Send your files via FTP service and we can mix them through the Solid State Logic 4000E console.

We a wide range of vintage and modern outboard gear, we can add tone and life to digital recordings.

Online Mix rates:
$330 per song (includes 1 revision session)