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What should we do to prepare for recording?

Before you enter the studio, record (or video) the band playing the songs. Have a listen back and make sure the arrangement is solid, everyone is playing the right notes and correct parts.
When you make your booking, bring in a demo of the songs with the finalised arrangement so the engineer can be familiar with the songs as well as be prepared for the session.
Before coming in to the studio make sure all the gear you intend to use is service and working properly. This means guitar intonation set up, amps serviced, new skins and drums tuned.
If you’re using a metronome for the recording, work out your tempos beforehand and make sure they feel comfortable. Also if you are able to record a guide guitar at home for the drummer to record to in the studio, make sure the track is in tune.

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Can we bring our own engineer?

You sure can. The studio is available at a BYO engineer rate.

We want to record drums, then do the rest at home, is that possible?

Yes. Whatever you want to record during your time in the studio is up to you.

We’re not local, is there anywhere we can stay?

There are a few options around:

What’s the difference between a Producer and Engineer?

The Engineer is responsible for the technical side of the recording – Mics, placement, operating the console.
The Producer is in charge of the performance side of the recording – Making sure the arrangement is right, the performances are good.

All of our engineers also wear the producer hat, so feel free to let them know if you want them to help produce.

Is there parking nearby?

There is free parking right out the front and a flat load in.

We’re hungry.

That’s not a question, but there are many options for food near the studio.
We also have a kitchenette with fridge, microwave, tea/coffee, so feel free to use those as well.

We’re on a limited budget, can you help us out?

Contact us to have a chat about your specific project and budget. We want you to have the best result, so we will find a way to make it work.

What about Mixing, Mastering, Stem Mixing and Reamping?

For Mixing, Mastering, Stem Mixing and Reamping services, please contact us to discuss the specific technical information for your project.